Lowering Your Fuel Costs for your fleet?

With the cost of fuel at an all-time high and still escalating, you can’t afford to NOT wonder how you can lower fuel costs. Well, Affordable GPS Tracking has the solution for you.

Our GPS devices come with features that track a myriad of things allowing you to cut your fuel costs. Here is just a sampling:

  • Excessive Idle Detection
  • Ignition On/Off Reporting
  • Speed Monitoring
  • Dispatch Functionality
  • Extended Stop Alert
  • State Mileage Reporting
  • After Hours Vehicle Reporting
  • Geo-Fence Violation Alert

Once you’re equipped with information like this about your fleet, you can now modify your drivers’ behavior to lower your fuel costs and increase productivity.

Click here to view all of our GPS tracking features and reports. Then make a smart move and call us now at 623.328.8906 to start lowering fuel costs and increase productivity.