GPS Fleet Tracking

Simple installation of a GPS tracker lets you monitor your fleet’s location, activities and more. Using your PC and easy to use web-based software, within seconds you can:

  • Know any vehicle location and routes, by detailed color map, satellite image and address.
  • Locate vehicles closest to your customer.
  • Intelligent dispatch capability – use GPS fleet tracking to find your closest vehicle.
  • Set geofences, speed limits and more.
  • Receive detailed stop/move mileage/time reports weekly or monthly.
  • See detailed maps or satellite images, anywhere in USA, Mexico and Canada.
  • Get instant alerts sent to multiple cell phones/emails for speeding or boundary violations.
  • Disable the starter and prevent a vehicle from being driven.
  • Unlock your vehicles’ doors from the Web or any telephone.
  • Know and modify behavior to lower your fuel costs and increase productivity.
  • Create detailed reports of the continuous activity for any time during the past 6 months.
  • Create online historical reports of mileage, stops, moves and more.
gps fleet tracking

Elite GPS3900

Full feature fleet GPS tracker on Verizon CDMA system.


gps fleet tracking

Elite PNP300

Full feature fleet GPS tracker.

gps fleet tracking


Full feature GPS tracker on GSM system.

gps fleet tracking


Plug & Play tracker on Verizon CDMA system.

gps fleet tracking


Truly live GPS tracker – tracking every 1, 5, 10 seconds.

gps fleet tracking


Integrate with Garmin® nüvi® and dēzl™ series devices with optional cable, hardwired, messaging, external antenna.