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GPS Fleet Management & Tracking Solutions

Affordable GPS Tracking

Affordable GPS Tracking has been helping companies save thousands of dollars by offering the best tracking solutions for companies with fleets of any size at very affordable pricing. Our experienced sales consultants have many years experience in the AVL, telematics and GPS tracking spectrum to help your company achieve these money saving goals in a short time. Our track record shows we save you money, whether you have a small local fleet or a large national fleet.

We know that as a company owner or manager, you have many daily tasks to tend to. Affordable GPS Tracking helps you manage your time better and gives you peace of mind knowing that your vehicles are exactly where they are supposed to be. Our GPS fleet tracking lowers your fuel costs by eliminating un-scheduled trips and driving more direct routes. All of this with no long term contract.

Our solutions are affordable and we offer the best trailer tracking pricing in the industry. We simply will not be undersold.

Contact us for a free consultation to see how you can keep more of your profits.

Why use GPS Tracking?
The simple answer is: increase your profit by eliminating wastes you can’t measure or control without GPS tracking. Also, for dispatch capability, GPS tracking is unmatched in locating your vehicles and proximity to a desired location. GPS assisted dispatch saves time (and money) otherwise lost with other methods.

Today's competitive business environment does not allow for waste of time, equipment or fuel lost to ineffective fleet routing, improper use of equipment, loss or theft of equipment and personal time use that isn't adding to the bottom line. By tracking your fleet, your equipment and your personnel you'll profit from eliminating wasted time, fuel and unauthorized use of your vehicles.


Free Online Consultation
Please fill out our brief questionnaire and we will respond promptly answering any questions you may have and recommend the best GPS tracking device for your fleet tracking needs.

We take care of all your gps tracking needs with affordable and cost-effective pricing:

* Fleet tracking
Trailer tracking
Equipment tracking

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instructional video to see how Affordable GPS Tracking can slash your operating costs so you can better serve your customers.